1982-1987Chairpersons: Douglas Lloyd (Interim), Momoh Kakulatomba, Veronica Johnson, Donald MacFarlane

WIBCA Phase 1: The First 5 Years

In the spring of 1982, Norma Husbands and Margaret Jolly, the co-founders of WIBCA, were looking for organized activities for their children.   Through their inquiries, they met Linton Garner, Juvenile Diversion Worker at the West Island YMCA and Momoh Kakulatomba, member of the BCCQ.  Subsequently, a meeting with Black professionals was arranged, which lead to the realization that there was a need for a Black association in the West Island.

1987-1992Chairpersons: Donald MacFarlane, Norma Husbands, Marie Garnett, Winston Brathwaite

WIBCA Phase 2: The Second 5 Years

WIBCA continues to fulfill its mandate to provide a variety of cultural, social, and educational programs for the community.

1992-1997Chairpersons: Reynold Clarke, Eileen White

WIBCA Phase 3: The Third 5 Years

WIBCA not only manages to overcome an expropriation crisis, but secures its own building, and begins forming new partnerships.

1997-2002Chairperson: Kenneth Bynoe

WIBCA Phase 4: The Fourth 5 Years

WIBCA continues to maintain its programs and services, and to liaise with the police, as well as with municipal, provincial and federal politicians, and the Lester B. Pearson School Board.  The organization also celebrates its 20th Anniversary in September 2002 with the theme ” Perseverance – a Fundamental Requirement for Success”.

2002-2007Chairpersons: Kenneth Bynoe, Veronica Johnson

WIBCA Phase 5: The Fifth 5 Years

WIBCA focuses on rebuilding, expansion and consolidation by reconnecting with other community groups and continuing relationships with political representatives at all levels of government.

2007-2017Chairpersons: Tomacuita James, Akwasi Yeboah, Elizabeth-Ann Williams, Kemba Mitchell

The Legacy Continues

WIBCA continues to increase its programming.

2017-PresentChairperson: Kemba Mitchell / President: Joan Lee

The Next Generation

WIBCA becomes the owner of its property, and makes a monumental shift in its services in response to a world-wide pandemic.