WIBCA Phase 2: The Second 5 Years

WIBCA continues to fulfill its mandate to provide a variety of cultural, social, and educational programs for the community.

Black History Courses 

A course in Black History is introduced at John Rennie High School and Lindsay Place High School, in conjunction with the Lakeshore School Board.


Tutoring Programs

A free Saturday morning tutorial program was jointly launched with the Quebec Board of Black Educators (QBBE).  The program was initially held at WIBCA’s offices, and then later moved to Riverdale High School.

An after-school tutorial program was also held at Herbert Purcell Elementary School.


Community Outreach

WIBCA foster strong relationships with the police at Station 11 and Station 12 .  With the ultimate goal of crime prevention, this relationship allowed WIBCA representatives to position themselves as liaisons during crisis situations involving Black youth and the law.


Inter-Organizational Conference

Co-sponsored by the Secretary of State for Canada and the Quebec government, WIBCA hosted a symposium with the topic “Relationships and Problems vis-a-vis the BCCQ and its member organizations”.  Other organizations in attendance were the Black Community Associations of Cote-des-Neiges, Lasalle, Laval, NDG and the South Shore.


Grants for Programs

Between 1987 and 1988, WIBCA received $21,150 in grants aiding in the maintenance of the programs being offered.