WIBCA Phase 5: The Fifth 5 Years

WIBCA focuses on rebuilding, expansion and consolidation by reconnecting with other community groups and continuing relationships with political representatives at all levels of government.

Community in Crisis

In December 2003, CJAD aired a discussion called “Community in Crisis” that focused on the untimely death of a few young men in the community.  WIBCA’s participation in the discussion forced the organization to develop strategies to deal with anti-social behaviors and to work on prevention initiatives to help the youth.

Black Family Support Network

In collaboration with the Cote-des-Neiges Black Community Association and other service-delivery groups in Montreal, the Black Family Support Network was formed.  This later became the African-Canadian Development and Prevention Networkd (ACDPN).

The group learned to develop a model of “Best Practice Prevention” to strengthen families and reduce delinquency.

Through this partnership, and with the help of Mr. Michael Gittens and Mr. Leith Hamilton, WIBCA secured grants from the government under the “Crime Prevention” banner.


West Island Blues Festival

It was during this time that Mr. Errol Johnson created the West Island Blues Festival (WIBF) and donated to WIBCA the total proceeds of the 2004 Festival, which amounted to over $6000 dollars; this partnership continues to this day.

The infusion of cash, along with monies raised from the Annual Banquet, Breakfasts, Bridge Club, International Night and Friday Night Club, not only permitted the organization to cover operational expenses, but to also increase programming, hire house staff, and carry out much-needed renovations.


Registered Charity Status

In 2005, WIBCA revised its aims and objectives, allowing the organization to finally quality as a Registered Charity under the Income Tax Act.   A special thanks is attributed to Mrs. Jolly and Mr. Errol Johnson for their work on the dossier.


D.R.E.A.M. Drop In-Centre

During this period, WIBCA further focused its efforts on youth issues by using grants to not only support existing programming but to create the D.R.E.A.M. (Delivering Real Empowerment and Motivation) Drop-In Centre, thanks to Tiffany Callendar and Melissa Alleyne.


Riverdale Community Learning Centre

WIBCA became a founding community partner of the Riverdale Community Learning Centre.

An inaugural “WIBCA Room” was created, and served as a drop-in centre to help students with homework.


Bridging the Gap

WIBCA also received a grant from to help bridge the gap between seniors and the youth, ensuring representation of the entire community at the organization.