WIBCA Phase 3: The Third 5 Years

WIBCA not only manages to overcome an expropriation crisis, but secures its own building, and begins forming new partnerships.


WIBCA receives a Notice of Expropriation from the Provincial Ministry of Transport announcing the expropriation of the shopping center housing the office.

While the organization was forced to revert to meetings in members’ basements, Mr. Reynold Clarke, then Chairperson, Dr. Martin Chato and Mr. Winston Brathwaite attended expropriation hearings to obtain compensation for WIBCA.   During this time, all programs were forced to halt.

Ultimately, WIBCA received $10,000 in grants from the Quebec government.  Mrs. Eileen White continued her work on the Building Fund.  Through the generosity of the members,  pledges and donations, WIBCA collected an additional $5,229 to put towards the purchase of our current building on 4th Avenue South in Roxboro.

A committee was formed to purchase a building for WIBCA.  Finally, in October 1994, with the help of Mr. Russell Williams, MNA for Nelligan and Mr. Dionne of the Caisse Populaire Ste-Genevieve, WIBCA secured the mortgage for 48A-D 4th Avenue South, Roxboro.

The building officially opened on June 8, 1996.


New Partnerships Formed

Collaborations with Human Resources Canada, the Quebec Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, Travail-Quebec, Batshaw Youth and Family Services, YMCA, CTMOI, Maison des Jeunes Pierrefonds et AmaBaie, Cloverdale Multi-Resouce and the MUC Community Policing Stations in the West Island allows WIBCA to increase their delivery of services and programs.