WIBCA Phase 1: The First 5 Years

In the spring of 1982, Norma Husbands and Margaret Jolly, the co-founders of WIBCA, were looking for organized activities for their children.   Through their inquiries, they met Linton Garner, Juvenile Diversion Worker at the West Island YMCA and Momoh Kakulatomba, member of the BCCQ.  Subsequently, a meeting with Black professionals was arranged, which lead to the realization that there was a need for a Black association in the West Island.

First Public Meeting

The first public meeting was held on June 7, 1982, during which the Steering Committee was formed.  Chaired by Linton Garner, the goal of the Steering Committee was to make key decisions on structure and strategy.


WIBCA is Born!

A second public meeting was held on June 28, 1982, during which the name West Island Black Community Association (WIBCA) was born.   The Association gained momentum and grew rapidly.  Douglas Lloyd was selected as Interim Chairperson


  • The WIBCA logo was selected in an open contest won by Donald McFarlane.
  • Reynold Clarke formed and coordinated the Constitution Committee to create WIBCA’s Constitution and Bylaws.


WIBCA Becomes a Registered NPO

In the spring of 1983, WIBCA holds its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) with over 100 active, paid members and elects Momoh Kakulatomba as Chairperson.

WIBCA’s Constitution is officially accepted by the Charter and WIBCA becomes a provincially-registered non-profit organization (NPO).  It was signed by Reynold Clarke, Norma Husbands, Douglas Lloyd, Sandra Lloyd and Veronica Johnson.

During this time, WIBCA also creates its official basketball team the WIBCA Wildcats that participated in the United Sports Council League.


WIBCA Rents Commercial Space

In 1984, Veronica Johnson is elected as Chairperson.  During her second one-year term, WIBCA moves its operations from members’ basements to a rented space at 11072 Gouin Boulevard.

Acting on a suggestion made by Mr. Douglas Lloyd, WIBCA establishes a “Pre-Sixteen group that organizes weekly Friday night activities such as poetry, short story writing, dance and games, under adult supervision.


WIBCA Introduces Annual Events

WIBCA continues to grow and establish many popular annual events:

  • Annual Anniversary Banquet
  • Summer Day Camp
  • Halloween Costume Party (for the youth)
  • Caribbean night.


WIBCA Finds A New Home

In June 1986, a new Board was elected and Donald MacFarlane became the Chairperson.  Facing the ongoing challenge of paying rent, telephone and tax bills. Mr. MacFarlane and his team found a new “home” for WIBCA, allowing for longer and more frequent meetings.


  • The Association becomes more of a learning center.
  • The Building Fund is established; Mrs. Eileen White took on the responsibility of the building fund, ensuring that it was never out of the mind of any member.