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Habitat for Humanity Quebec responds to the urgent need to help families in Quebec with modest incomes who live in precarious housing conditions, both in terms of their health and the security of their homes. Every family that becomes a Habitat partner has the chance to own a healthy and affordable home to build a sustainable future. With no down payment, and with very advantageous interest rates, Habitat for Humanity Quebec presents an opportunity that would never be offered in the traditional financial system.

Habitat is relaunching construction to support family home ownership

Six-plex with 2- or 3-bedroom units


Move-in starting summer 2023

Summary of criteria

  1. Need for decent housing
  2. Ability to pay
  3. Will to commit to Habitat for Humanity Quebec

Summary of the partnership with Habitat

  • Possibility of Habitat Mortgage between 50% and 70% of the price
    of the house.
  • The Habitat mortgage is interest-free.
  • Down payment not mandatory.
  • The monthly expenses of the family to cover the costs of ownership
    do not exceed 30% of the gross family income.
  • Mandatory 500 hours of direct contribution from the family towards
    Habitat for Humanity Quebec (administrative or ReStore volunteering,
    construction / finishing of their home and / or new houses, etc.).

Selection process

  1. A family interested in a Habitat project must complete the pre-selection form.
  2. The Family Partnership Committee validates the eligibility of the family’s application.
  3. If the family’s application is eligible, the family submits a letter of intent and completes a housing application form that includes various financial information and documents (notice of assessment, income, credit check agreement, etc.).
  4. The members of the Family Partnership Committee analyze the need of the family (in-person interview and visit to the current dwelling) and the financial situation of the family (ability to pay) in order to decide if the family will be selected or not.
  5. The family receives the Committee’s response.
  6. If the answer is positive, the family accepts the conditions and signs the commitment document
    (500 hours of contribution, etc.).

For further information:
Sophie Dalbec
514 937.0643 (225)

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