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Confronting Racism-Discussion Group, WIBCA’s newest program.

A group committed to confronting racism in ourselves, our community, and our world by listening to BIPOC voices in anti-racism literature, films, podcasts, etc., with the ultimate goal of empowering Black, Indigenous and people of colour.
WHO: A small group of 12 people (particularly white folks and those who have not experienced being part of a minority group) who have a desire to work towards racial justice, starting by confronting their own biases through education. This group and all of its content will be in english and is for those 18 years and older.
WHAT: Similar to a book club, but not limited to books. A group invested in educating ourselves through reading from Black authors, journalists, etc., and coming together as a group to have the difficult discussions that can often arise with this type of work. The first book will be “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism”, written by Robin DiAngelo. Monthly content going forward will be decided by the group; ranging from anti-racism books, biographies, articles, films, documentaries, podcasts, etc.
WHERE: Zoom meetings until regulations allow meetings of larger groups.
WHEN: The first Tuesday of every month from 6:30-8pm. The first meeting is on Tuesday, October 6th.
COST: Becoming a member at the West-Island Black Community Association ($20 for students/seniors, $30 for adults) and providing your own copy of the book for the month. If you are unable to make this financial contribution but are interested in the group, please still apply.
A huge shout out to Rachael Seatvet for approaching WIBCA with this vision…. what an amazing ally ✊🏽
For more information email: admin@wibca.org

2 Comments on “Confronting Racism-Discussion Group, WIBCA’s newest program.

  1. I am just listening to your interview on the CBC. My heart breaks.

    Is there a group like WIBCA on the west coast that I could connect with as Rachel did? I can read and I want to learn.

    The pain I am feeling comes from my mixed race grandchildren’s experiences, where some can ”pass for white”- a disgusting concept to me, while others don’t have that kind of privilege. It comes from the awful fear I hide from my lovely young adult granddaughter on her move from home here to New Brunswick, to the hometown of her grandfather, a child of freed slaves and Mi’k Ma, to be with her partner in the Canadian Armed Forces. I am tired of my fear, tired of useless shame, tired of the fragility. I don’t want help with my feelings. I want to learn how to take some purposeful, useful action.

    Thank you for being only yourself. Thank you for hearing me out.vf

    • Good morning Valerie,

      We apologize for the delayed response as we are only seeing this message today and appreciate your openness about your family and injustices you see first hand.
      IF you have already been in communication with us via email then you may disregard this message.
      WIBCA as an entity only exists in Montreal, Quebec however we have had many individuals contact us across Canada after hearing the CBC documentary on the program.
      You may email crdg@wibca.org and either Rachael or Moashella will respond to you.

      WIBCA Admin

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