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Staying Power – A Black Women’s Support Group.

STAYING POWER is a support group for women of African/Canadian and Caribbean descent who are interested and committed to coming together twice a month to share their experiences, challenges, and ways they are both living and coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.
First meeting via Zoom is scheduled for Wednesday, January 13th @ 8pm.
Online registration form below with Zoom link details available upon its receipt.

2 Comments on “Staying Power – A Black Women’s Support Group.

  1. I listened to your interview on the Doc Project. What a joy to listen to your courage. Thank you for your strength. Please continue your work and don’t let hate messages stop you.

    • Good evening,

      Thank you for kind words and supportive messages.
      We continue to be strong doing what we can to combat racism in our community.

      Best Regards,

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