WIBCA’s Saturday AM Tutorial Program

If you are a parent of a child in grades 1-6 or a teenager in grades 7-11, please communicate with our office at admin@wibca.org or call 514-683-3925 advising your interest in WIBCA’s FREE tutoring program taking place each Saturday from 10am to noon at Riverdale High School in Room# 257.

On the spot registration is available and we are always looking for volunteer tutors.

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    1. Good evening Coretta,

      Thank you for contacting WIBCA, you may register both children at the location (Riverdale High School – Room #257) where the Tutoring takes place each Saturday between 10am – noon.

      Please communicate with our office at admin@wibca.org and one of our volunteer staff will respond to you placing you in touch with our Education Coordinator.

      Best Regards,
      Kemba Mitchell

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