Town Hall Meeting hosted by the West Island Black Community Association (WIBCA) – 06.07.20

Artwork created by Amelia Souffrant – IG: @amexsc

Sunday, June 7th at 7pm ~ Via ZOOM

Meeting ID: 839 5851 6849 Password: 585164

With ELYSIA BRYAN-BAYNE as moderator.

The meeting will be conducted in English, supporting questions in both official languages.

To create a safe and open platform for Black Citizens, in particular Black Youths, to speak to the effects that SYSTEMIC & OVERT RACISM has on them as individuals and their community as a whole. We will be encouraging participants to share their experiences, feeling and concerns to public representatives i.e. our local politicians and law-enforcement.

We have invited professionals from the Black community in the areas of Mental Health; Education; the Arts; Justice; Social Services; Journalism and community development to address the impact that racism, toward POC has on the communities they work with and serve. Particular attention will be paid to the most recent incidences of police brutality in the US and here in Canada,
We will also be inviting other Black Community organizations to weigh in on the topic and to propose recommendations and possible solutions.
We look forward to your involvement and support as we move towards justice and equality for all of us.

For more information please email us at


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