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Our Programs

When: Saturdays from 10am to noon (excluding Holidays)
Cost: Free 
Contact: education@wibca.org
Seniors Surf – A program teaching Seniors technology offered via ZOOM.
When: Program will commence on September 8th 2020 … more details to follow.
Cost: Free 
Contact: admin@wibca.org
Seniors Fit – A program facilitating fitness classes for Seniors via ZOOM.
When: Each and every Friday from 12:30-1:15pm
Cost: Free 
Contact: admin@wibca.org
WIBCA’s annual Scholarships program.
Contact: admin@wibca.org
Black Girls Gather – A Book Club.
⏳REGISTRATION PERIOD⏳: July 12 – September 1st
For more information contact: blackgirlsgather@wibca.org
WIBCA Youth/Mentoring Group
For more information contact: youth.mentoring@wibca.org

Confronting Racism Discussion Group

A group committed to confronting racism in ourselves, our community, and our world by listening to BIPOC voices in anti-racism literature, films, podcasts, etc., with the ultimate goal of empowering Black, Indigenous and people of colour.
WHO: A small group of 12 people (particularly white folks and those who have not experienced being part of a minority group) who have a desire to work towards racial justice, starting by confronting their own biases through education. This group and all of its content will be in english and is for those 18 years and older.
WHAT: Similar to a book club, but not limited to books. A group invested in educating ourselves through reading from Black authors, journalists, etc., and coming together as a group to have the difficult discussions that can often arise with this type of work. The first book will be “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism”, written by Robin DiAngelo. Monthly content going forward will be decided by the group; ranging from anti-racism books, biographies, articles, films, documentaries, podcasts, etc.
WHERE: Zoom meetings until regulations allow meetings of larger groups.
WHEN: The first Tuesday of every month from 6:30-8pm. The first meeting is on Tuesday, October 6th.
COST: Becoming a member at the West-Island Black Community Association ($20 for students/seniors, $30 for adults) and providing your own copy of the book for the month. If you are unable to make this financial contribution but are interested in the group, please still apply.
A huge shout out to Rachael Seatvet for approaching WIBCA with this vision…. what an amazing ally ✊🏽

WIBCA’s FREE Legal Clinic


PURPOSE: To provide legal resources to members of the community through a hotline service.

For more information: admin@wibca.org